How Frozen Smoothies Can Save You Time, Money, and More

“I have too much time and money,” said no one ever.

Sure, it's obvious. But, it's also true. And while there are a jillion ways to save time and money, this one may surprise you: Happy Healthy Smoothies. Yep. It's legit. We did the research and found credible studies to back up this claim. 

Here's how it all breaks down.


The average US adult spends 37 minutes a day on meal prep and clean-up and 43 minutes each week grocery shopping. Add in the time it takes getting to and from the store, as well as the time it takes looking through recipes and creating your grocery list and we’ll guesstimate another minute per meal of your precious time has vanished. When all’s said and done, it adds up to about a 16-minute investment of time per meal.

Happy Healthy eats, on the other hand, take mere seconds to order online. No grocery runs. No recipe research. Our Smoothies take about 30 seconds to blend and it should take less than 30 seconds to rinse the blender out afterward. Our Overnight Oats and Acai Bowls take even less time.

Time You Save Each Meal = 15 Minutes 


Swing by your favorite smoothie shop on your way to work and you’ll shell out anywhere from $6 to $10 a pop. Let’s take the average – $8 – compare that to a Happy Healthy Smoothie – $5 and change – and you’re saving about $2.50 each time you opt for our eats.

Money You Save Each Meal = $2.50


In the US, we waste about a pound of food per person each day – and fresh produce is the most likely to be thrown out. At the end of a year, the average person will have thrown out 81 pounds of produce. Research published in the British Food Journal shows that frozen food generates 47 percent less food waste at home than non-frozen food.

81 pounds = 1,296 ounces

1,296 ÷ 52 = 25 ounces/week

25 ÷ 21 = 1.2 ounces/meal

Food Saved = 1.2 ounces per meal (That’s more money saved, too!)

What's that mean in the big picture?

If you enjoyed a Happy Healthy Smoothie every day for breakfast, you could potentially save over 90 hours and over $900 a year while keeping nearly 30 POUNDS of food from being wasted!!

Clearly, this isn't an exact science. Everyone's savings will be different based on their current eating habits, but it at least gives you a guidepost showing the potential goodness.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your Happy Healthy on today!

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