The Ingredient Journey

From Farm to Freezer

Our process makes eating healthy easy, while saving you money and reducing food waste

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Traditional Fresh Food

Happy Healthy Frozen Food

Picked before it's ripe making for a harder journey ahead

Non-GMO, picked at peak ripeness & nutrient level

It's crated, driven to a warehouse, packaged, long-hauled ot another town

Flash frozen right away to lock in freshness

Treated with additives and chemicals to prevent spoiling

Neatly prepped and packed in a pre-portioned cup or bowl

Loaded in a store to hopefully be purchased before going bad

Sold in-store and online for more convenience

When taken taken home., it could sit for another week in the fridge

Only the happiest, most nutritious ingredients here

Total time:
2-3 weeks

Total time:
3-4 Days

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