Our Promise


We're excited for you to receive your Happy Healthy bundle. Please expect your shipment of frozen goods to arrive at your doorstep in 3-5 business days, from the time you placed your order online.

Your Happy Healthy package will arrive by FedEx, and will be left at your doorstep if you aren't home. If you have any specific delivery instructions we should know about, please send an email to Support@happyhealthyco.com and we'd be happy to assist you.

As soon as you get your bundle, please unpack the product and put it in your freezer until you're ready to eat it!


Happy Healthy is committed to providing safe products of the highest quality. Unlike most companies, we actually own the manufacturing facility where our product is made and we have full control over the manufacturing process from receipt and storage of raw materials to the final shipment of foods. We adhere to a well-defined Food Safety and Quality Management System that includes:

  • Food safety programs based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), a globally recognized science based system which identifies hazards and measures for their control to ensure safe food production.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) and programs to ensure proper design, monitoring and control of the manufacturing processes and facilities to produce safe and high quality products.
  • Adhering to all regulatory requirements set by national, state and local government agencies – The GDA inspects our facility every 6 months and we also have an annual Global Food Safety Initiative 3rd party audit.
  • The facility is also certified to produce organic product in accordance with the USDA National Organic Program.
  • An Approved Supplier Program that holds our suppliers and the materials they supply to our high standards.
  • Review and verification of food safety and quality programs at regular intervals so we can identify potential gaps, continually improving and capitalize on every opportunity to elevate our performance to even higher levels for SQF, Food Safety and Quality.
  • Continuously providing employees with the resources, including information and training, required to understand and be competent in applying these practices.
  • Product traceability and recall procedures.
  • An allergen control program.
  • Sanitation procedures designed to minimize risk of environmental contamination

We place food quality and safety above all else. That said, while we have many policies and procedures in place to ensure food safety, the product does contain unpasteurized produce which carries some risk -- though it’s no more risky than enjoying cut fruit from the market or unpasteurized juice.


The only allergen processed or packed on our Happy Healthy manufacturing equipment is coconut, which is considered a tree nut by the FDA. This is subject to change as product lines expand, but any time we bring an allergen into the facility we validate that our sanitation process completely removes all residues so that there is no risk of cross-contamination to subsequent products on the line. We do not carry any gluten-free certifications, but all current ingredients for Happy Healthy meet the FDA definition for “gluten free.” (You can learn more about that here.)


We do not diagnose or treat illnesses and do not make any claims of the effectiveness of eating certain foods to treat illnesses. We are not selling weight loss products.